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Mounting a Windows directory in the Docker VM (boot2docker)

If you’re building a Docker image on Windows you’ll want to make your application files available to the Docker VM for inclusion in the container.

Assuming you have installed boot2docker and enabled hardware virtualization, your Windows Users directory will automatically be available inside the Docker VM under the root directory.

For example, C:\Users on your Windows host will be accessible under /c/Users in the Docker VM.

To make any directory available to the VM, you simply need to add it as a shared directory in VirtualBox, and then mount it on the VM:

  1. Open the VM VirtualBox Manager that was installed with boot2docker and open the settings dialog.
  2. Select the ‘Shared Folders’ item from the menu and add a new shared folder definition.
  3. Set the folder path to the directory you want available to the VM (eg, your app root directory) and give it a sensible name, eg ‘my-application’.
  4. Create a new directory on the Docker VM that will contain your application contents, eg: mkdir ~/my-application-contents.
  5. Mount your shared application directory to the directory you just created, eg: sudo mount -t vboxsf my-application ~/my-application-contents

That’s it. You can now treat ~/my-application-contents as your application working directory and target any of its contents in your Dockerfile.